In business as in life, the two values I most appreciate are honesty and reliability. Eric is so exceptional at these two things, that I now can call him a friend as well as my realtor. He was never difficult to reach, always there when I needed him (even took my dog out while I worked long hours), professional, and helped us sell our house (in five days) and two days later get the house I’d wanted for months. Great experience, great guy.   – Dr. Natasha Hindman

My wife and I chose Eric to be our realtor after I witnessed his diligence and professionalism in other real estate matters in the community.  Initially, I was apprehensive toward moving since I had gone through a home purchase two previous times.  I consulted with Eric and found him to be very patient and attentive as we made our final decision to list and move. During the search process, Eric was given specific guidelines as to area and price considerations.  Eric created a list of comparable homes we visited until my wife and I knew we found “the one.”  Again, Eric was diligent and attentive to our needs throughout the search process.  Eric advocated on our behalf as we placed an offer and made our final purchase.  I felt we received a very fair deal.  I’m confident we made the right decision for ourselves and our children.  Simultaneously, Eric worked hard to sell our original home until we found the right buyer and a fair offer.  The buyer had a concern about an issue resolved thanks to Eric.  I found Eric to be very personable, of high integrity and upstanding character.  Eric recognizes he works with people, not just property.  Eric shows exceptional knowledge of market trends and tendencies.  Eric has great ability to solve problems and coordinate through a vast network of contacts developed throughout his career.  Eric is extremely accessible with any questions, big or small, at any time.  In the rare instance he does not know the answer, Eric will find it in a timely manner.  It is with this, I highly recommend Eric for any and all real estate needs. -John Haring

We wanted to THANK YOU for your endless hard work, time & dedication in selling our home. We are also thankful that we made a new friend as well. Your guidance & helpful suggestions made the process smoother.  We truly appreciate your availability & prompt responses to us – any hour of the day!  Thank you for going above and beyond in your professionalism and generosity. We would gladly recommend your highly respectable services to anyone!  Thanks again!  – Steph & Josh Marnhout

I could only use one word to describe my experience – unbelievable. I always set high expectations for myself and for everyone around me. Eric exceeded my expectations and then some.  Our house sold in 4 days, and it was a whirlwind from there. Eric stood by us every step of the way. He took us to see houses anytime and even on holidays. Whenever I had a question or concern, he answered my texts and calls all hours of the day. His availability made me feel confident that I picked the right realtor. The journey was a difficult but exciting time. Eric helped me through every step and was there whenever I needed him. I couldn’t have done it without him. – Marsha Burleson

Eric sold my house!! Something that two other realtors could not do!  He also sold it fast!  Extremely knowledgeable, high energy, and a non- stop work ethic! – Nicole Eaches McGowan

ERIC was the absolute BEST throughout the whole process of selling my home ……. he was ALWAYS available to answer questions and he was very patient and accommodating! I could not have chosen a BETTER realtor !! Thank you ERIC !   I would HIGHLY recommend ERIC if anyone is looking to sell their home !!  – Diane Marchionda

If you’re looking for a Realtor, this is your man. Nobody markets like Eric does!  – Frank Sparks

Before working with Eric, I had been trying and failing to buy a house on and off for about three years, and had absolutely no luck or fun or success in the process.   I went through a dozen realtors from every major and several minor agencies, firing or even being dropped by all of them, before a coworker referred me to Eric. Within the span of about 72 hours from first contacting him, we were shown a house, put an offer together at a number I liked, submitted it, got into a multiple offer situation, and then won it with a counter offer I was still great with. Eric’s knowledge, expertise, and drive are truly what got the offer through; he knew exactly what to offer and to counteroffer to get the seller to commit without overextending, and that’s a very delicate balance in any competitive business.   Whenever I would have questions, Eric would always have an answer. He arranged the title company, the inspection, coordinated with my mortgage lender and the seller’s agent, and truly pushed hard to get every single step just right. If I asked him to explain a line in a contract, he knew it, and had a full and satisfying answer. One of the things which made me fire two previous realtors was them saying “that’s just the way it is” when I would ask them a “why” question. Eric would tell me the why, and then explain the how and when and what just for good measure. Even when I had questions at 9PM on a Sunday, Eric was there with an answer, an update, or just to reassure me that everything was going smoothly .  On top of all that, Eric is just a phenomenal guy to work with. Incredibly personable, gets on well with everyone, and clearly values both his clients and his professional relationships immensely. I couldn’t have asked for a smoother and easier buying process, and I honestly don’t think that I could have gotten one. With so many realtors lately just looking for an easy mark or a quick sale, Eric truly stands out as a class act that puts his clients first and is committed to making the process as smooth and easy as possible. I now have the perfect home, at a great price, with no hidden gotchas, all thanks to Erics phenomenal work.  Thank you so much, Eric. You put every other realtor in Pittsburgh to shame. I look forward to working with you in the future, and keep an eye out for the referrals I’ll be sending your way!   – Patrick Conlon

Selling and buying at the same time can be daunting. Eric did a great job of keeping it all together! He was always available and answered every question. Couldn’t imagine going through this process with any other realtor!   – Eric D’Antonio

Eric is a pleasure to work with! He made a very stressful process must less so. He sold our house in the dead of winter, much to my surprise. He’s with you from the beginning to the closing. I would use him again in a heartbeat and highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a house! – Sissy Hess

Mr. McKenna truly lives up to his word as “Your Personal Realtor.” Being new to the world of real estate, I was a little naive and hesitant on where to turn for assistance in buying my first home. Due to his high reputation and notable presence in the Western Pennsylvania home market, I decided to call Eric for guidance. I can most certainly say I do not regret that decision. From day one, Eric was there fighting for me making sure that no questions were left unanswered. He went above and beyond in making sure my first home buying experience went as smooth as could be. Eric’s accessibility and responsiveness is what really made him stand out from the rest of the pack. Not once I ever felt left out of the loop on any information that I was seeking. With Eric being one phone call away, it really put my mind at ease during the entire process. With his knowledge and expertise, Eric closed my deal in one month! If you are looking to buy or sell a home, Eric is most certainly your guy. I would not recommend anybody else. His diligence, professionalism, and honesty is what really makes his personal touch unlike no other. Thanks Again Eric!   – Mario Sciarrino

Eric was everything you would expect and want your realtor to be. He is friendly, kind, patient and most importantly he is honest. He listened to what we were looking for in our home and helped us to make our dream a reality. He never lost his patience nor became frustrated when we nit-picked a house to death. Eric is top notch and highly recommended.  – Carrie Brooks

From start to finish Eric is your guy. He sold my house in 2 and 1/2 months, and we got what we wanted. Thanks again Eric!  – Jonathan Fragapane

Eric is outstanding! He puts you first and has great communication. He took care of marketing our house, as well as contacting other realtors. His service really is excellent! – Ken Longerman

Thank you for honesty, answering questions and not giving a line of bull to just get a sale. You invested the time to find out what we wanted in a home, what was most important to help us make the best decision. House hunting is not a walk in the park there is a lot of moving pieces behind the scene that we the buyer don’t see. Thanks for keeping it all together. Hope to see you when we get moved in. We recommend you highly as a realtor, but you are more than that you are an outstanding person, father, husband, friend and musician! CALLERIC,com !!  – Jan Litman

As first time home buyers, Eric made everything super easy, and made us comfortable throughout the entire process. We were lucky to get to work with him, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a Realtor!  – Autumn Pash Kelley

Eric is a pleasure to work with!! He is calming in what can sometimes be a stressful time. He knows his stuff and gets it done. I would recommend him to anyone looking for the best!  – Mandy Chieffe Bolden

My husband and I just bought our first home, and we have Eric to thank for such an amazing process! We were referred to him by a mutual friend and I’m so grateful. He was nothing but professional, kind, attentive and involved throughout the entire journey, and I feel very lucky that we got to work with him.  I know that the experience we had was because of Eric’s expertise and dedication.   You can tell that he really LOVES his job, and he is excellent at what he does.  We’re so thankful for Eric, and we are proud to call him our Personal Realtor!  – Christina  Wawrzyniakowski

Top notch realtor all the way! Went above and beyond to get our house sold and make sure everything was timed out well with the sale of our current home and the purchase of our new one, which he also helped with! Could not be happier with how we were treated! – ‘Diamond Dave’ Bishop

First of all thank you Eric. This was the BEST experience I’ve ever had when it comes to buying a home. You were more than just an agent to me and my family and left us feeling completely satisfied and genuinely happy and confident in our new home purchase.   This wasn’t my first home purchase so I can honestly say that Eric is an incredible Realtor who knows his stuff and made this momentous moment in our life so painless. I gladly look forward to working with him again and referring him to everyone I know.   On that note, if you’re looking to buy or sell a home I couldn’t give a higher recommendation for a realtor then Eric McKenna. He went above and beyond and was so much more than I could have hope for. Thank you!!   – Larry Ervin

The level of professionalism and personal commitment to his clients is beyond compare. I met Eric from a music business perspective and I became a loyal and frequent customer of his because of the personal attention he paid to my questions and concerns. Even after he changed professions, thankfully we have still remained friends. If/when I decide to purchase any real estate, there is no other person I would rather have to assist me in that venture than Eric McKenna.  – John Fedlock

Eric, Thank You so much for all that you did to help sell my house and arranging all the fixes we needed to do.  It was great knowing I had someone I could trust helping me through this process.  Selling my house was so emotional. I loved my house and all of my kids memories are with that house.  Thank you again – so much – for EVERYTHING.  If we ever move back to Pittsburgh, I’ll definitely call you!  – Colleen Talton

Eric did a great job selling our home. He kept my house very active with social media and the contacts he had within the other real estate agencies. He was tremendous in helping us with a situation after firing the worst agent in the world. He gave us reassurance, priced us where we should be, answered every question without hesitation, and actually went after finding us a buyer. We had all but given up until Eric came into our world….sold in 5 days!!  – Tracy & David Gyr

I first heard of Eric through his radio ad on WJAS. His dynamic personality along with his knowledge of real estate and his enthusiasm about my home I selected him to be my listing agent. Eric’s marketing skills included many photos, a high quality video that was on YouTube, and internet sites such as Zillow and Facebook. Eric presented an offer that was successfully counter-offered within the first week of the listing. The sale closed about seven weeks later. This transaction went well and I am happy with the result.  –  Steven Gabbert

If you’re selling a house, give Eric a call for sure! Between social media ads, open houses and his awesome radio show, he makes selling your house easy. He’s with you every step of the way, with calmness and professionalism that sets your mind at ease. Choosing Eric as our Realtor was one of the best decisions we ever made.  –  Megan & Jim Emmons

In my opinion, communication is the most instrumental element to a successful business action; Eric was very responsive and communicated thoroughly consistently throughout. Great experience.  – Samuel Orsini Jr. 

Great job!  I would choose Eric McKenna as my Realtor for any future real estate transactions without hesitation. – Ed Miller

We can’t thank Eric enough for all the work he put in with us while searching for our home. Saying he went above and beyond doesn’t do his effort justice. He listened, he always had a suggestion, was available seemingly 24/7 to answer any of my late night emails or texts, and made what could have been a stressful search so much easier. We were fortunate to have him as an agent and happy to call him a friend.  – Dave Grimm

Eric was a pleasure from the very first second I met and started working with him. From the start, he was both extremely friendly and professional; and I knew I had found the right realtor. His knowledge of houses, markets, and the entire home buying process was invaluable to a first time buyer. Eric would routinely respond to any questions I had via email or text message in minutes. I appreciated his honesty more than anything, as it was clear he wasn’t simply interested in making a sale – but truly interested in finding me exactly what I wanted at a fair price. He made what could have been a potentially stressful process easy and fun, and I couldn’t be happier with the house that he helped me find!  – Brad Hess

Eric made my first time home buying experience an absolute breeze. Any time I had a question or was looking for more information, Eric quickly responded with answers. While viewing homes, he was extremely knowledgeable, and from the beginning, was always upfront and honest. I would easily recommend Eric to anyone in need of a realtor!   – Mitch Barr

Eric has been a personal friend of mine since junior high, so when I needed someone to list my house, I wanted to give him the opportunity. My house was a log home on a secluded street, so it was a niche market for just the right buyer. Eric was persistent and thorough. Through a number of open houses, Hanna receptions, and other marketing, we attracted a buyer that loves the house. I was very pleased with the support that Eric provided in the form of frequent updates, encouragement, explanations, etc. Eric is continuously developing new avenues and approaches for his buyers and sellers. Eric is not only a friend, but has proven to be an outstanding agent that I will definitely seek advise from in future endeavors.  Thank You!! – William McCutcheon

Eric was great to work with. As a first time home buyer, I wouldn’t have wanted to work with anybody else. He was a huge help and was able to guide us through this process and make it as simple as possible. He was available at all times of day and got back to us with answers instantly. Eric got us exactly what we needed and didn’t pressure us into anything.  – Ian Edward Miller

There aren’t enough words to express how much we appreciated Eric during the process of the move! He handled every snag and twist and turn that came at us with ease. He was always willing to help with any question we had and always gave honest and helpful advice. Couldn’t ask for a better realtor!   – Erica & Roger DiFrangia

Eric is on the ball with problems, solutions, and suggestions. I feel like he truly cared throughout the process and gave sound advice. I worry a bit and like details, and Eric understood that I was type A and needed reassurance.   – Genevieve Marie Kegley

Thank you sooooooooo much Eric McKenna.  Buying a house can be nerve-wracking and difficult beyond words. You were such an amazing help showing us homes that met our personal needs. You were knowledgeable about everything. And I really mean everything. You offered so much great advice and I never felt pressured or silly about asking a question. You made this such a great personal experience and never made us feel like this was just another sale. To anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home, Eric is the man. If I wasn’t so happy with my new home, I’d buy another one just to work with him again!!!   Thank you for being such a great realtor and an amazing person to know.  – Jessica Ervin

He’s Good. REALLY Good! 5 Stars! – Ginger Bishop

Eric takes care of his clients. I never once felt uncomfortable through the entire process. He cares and loves what he does. My wife and I want to say THANK YOU! Anyone who wants to inquire about choosing this guy, I have all the time in the world to tell you to CALL ERIC or CallEric.com  – Will Kelley

If you are looking for someone who will take the stress out of buying or selling a home and actually make the process fun, Eric does this effortlessly. I am super impressed with his commitment to going above and beyond for his clients and wow does he know marketing. Don’t think- just call Eric! – Susan Radage

So, my wife and I decide to sell our home and start the process of looking for a new home.   Both my wife and I had heard Eric’s radio advertisement on WJAS.  My wife also noted from Eric’s website, CallEric.com, that Eric had his own Radio show on WBVP.  Eric’s radio show was not broadcast strong enough out by our home but we actually watched an episode on his site.  We called Eric and honestly – BEST decision we could have made!  Simply put – from helping us prep for our listing to holding a great Open House to guiding us to Closing, Eric was really SUPER!  And while we may have drove him a bit crazy looking at so many homes, he was ultra patient and a heck of a lot of fun to be with!  He’s always smiling it seems!  Great guy.  Would recommend Eric to anyone.  Without hesitation!  – Clyde C. Cary

Loved working with Eric!!  Great realtor!  Made selling our house easy and enjoyable.  Thank you Eric!  Michelle Fragapane

Our potential move was a very stressful time in our lives. We hired Eric because we trust him and have known him to be a successful businessman. He worked hard at our multiple open houses and was good at following up with potential buyers and us. Thanks Eric!  – Monika Acker Duchi

Eric sold our home in less than a week; I would say his work ethic from that factor alone speaks volumes.  – Nicholas Sheleheda

Eric is such a great guy and so patient. He worked so hard for us. Whether it was 8am or 11pm, he was there to answer any question I had or to put me at ease throughout the whole process. I would recommend Eric to anyone!  – Alexis Brown

As you can read on others reviews, Eric ROCKS! He listed my house and in 48 hours had 3 offers! Signed an agreement in 3 days and we just closed today, 8/26/2016! My house is sold in 30 days. This is my first and only experience within the Real-estate world and if every agent is as professional as him, WOW!!  Eric I thank you for your patience and incredible professionalism! Job well done.  – James Snyder

My wife and I had a great experience using Eric as both our seller’s and buyer’s agent. He was always very responsive, extremely diligent, and an all around great guy to work with. Home buying can be a very stressful experience. With Eric however, we always felt like we had someone on our side, and someone who was willing to do anything for you to get the deal done. If you’re looking to buy or sell, please just start a conversation with him to ask any questions you may have. Chances are his work ethic and positive attitude will exceed what you’d expect from a great realtor, as they did for us. – Donald Crouse III

The stress of selling a home was lessened by choosing Eric! He really knows the business and is highly professional.  – Jennifer & Bryan White

Eric was amazing to work with! Extremely honest, kind, professional and all around a great guy! We would highly recommend him as a realtor.  – Christal & Nick Bell

We absolutely loved working with Eric! He was our agent for both the sale of our previous home and the purchase of our current home. He went above and beyond our expectations as an agent. His level of professionalism was astounding and he was always honest and frank. We wholeheartedly trusted Eric from the first night we met him. We have small children and he accommodated our family’s needs throughout both processes of selling and buying. He is an exceptional individual and stayed true to his word!  We were lucky enough to be referred to him; we will always be thankful for that, and will recommend him to anyone needing an agent going forward!  – Jessica & Bill Hertrick

Eric really cares about you being happy with the right choice for your family -above all else.   He’s very personable and honest!  – Ashley DiCicco

First let me say that Eric literally worked the sole off one of his shoes while showing me houses!! I called Eric just to see what was out there, never thinking that I would get into the kind of house I got. Eric was always there for me, answering all of my questions and helping me every step of the way. He made one of the happiest days of my life not only possible but with much ease and enjoyment. I would never think of using anyone else!!  – Lance Huber

It is very hard to find the words that express how much of a blessing having Eric McKenna as our realtor! Being a first time home buyer is very intimidating and overwhelming. From the very beginning Eric swept in and calmed my nerves. He was always very professional, answered all my phone calls and millions of questions. He had our interest in mind at all times, he allowed us to run the show but with 100% of his guidance. I highly recommend Eric if anyone needs a realtor. I promise He will make it a fun and easy going experience. – Mallori Lynn Keene

I can’t say enough good things about Eric and his dedication to selling our home. Eric comes loaded with sales experience that sets him apart from the rest. Many external factors made our sales environment challenging, but Eric stayed positive and pushed through it. He got us a great price for our home and always made us feel that he was in our corner. Hire with confidence!  – Jeremy Avoli

I can’t begin to describe what a blessing it was to have Eric as our Realtor.  He truly got to know us as a family to help us find a home that we could enjoy and continue to grow into for years to come. He was always honest and gave us a real opinion. Eric made an extremely stressful process go so smoothly even when there were bumps in the road. I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat.  He is a truly genuine person and a gem of a Realtor!  – Erin Mackey Grimm

After sifting through many Realtor profiles on the web as well as researching Pittsburgh area real estate companies, I could not be more happy with my selection of Realtor Eric McKenna with Howard Hanna Real Estate.  Eric’s smiling, friendly disposition is only matched by his dedication to really servicing his clients.  Every question I had, every transaction challenge we faced, Eric responded quickly, professionally and most importantly for me – in a very positive manner.  He told me he likes to make the real estate process easy as well as a bit fun.  And Eric does just that!  Do yourself a favor and choose Eric as your Realtor.  You won’t regret it.   – Linda Wightman

Eric has the right amount of energy, professionalism, and valuable experience that any seller would want in a Realtor. Eric gets the job done with extremely satisfying results. – Rob Yurkovich

For me, it’s pretty simple.  I want a Realtor who speaks frankly, does what he says and understands what the word ‘service’ is.  Mac is all that and more.  He’s no nonsense yet he’s still a fun guy to be around and do business with.  Don’t know how he does it but he’s ALWAYS smiling!  If you want an agent who gives it his all and will be your biggest advocate in the process of selling your home – Mac is absolutely the right man for the job.  I’d hire him again in a second.  – Jarvis Williams

My wife and I, we met Eric kind of randomly while visiting our first ever house. He was the Realtor for the seller. We didn’t like the house but we did like him! It immediately clicks between him and us and he offered to help us find a home. This was our first house so we had a lot of questions and, through the whole process he was there, diligent, kind and informative. He even “found” a guy to repair some electric fuses that the seller refused to correct for us.  The day we closed on the house, we had a plumbing issue that could have postponed the deal and he found someone qualified in 30 min and saved the day!  Always smiling, ready to help and genuinely interested in finding your dream home, Eric is the kind of guy you wish existed in every service profession. Unfortunately, we won’t need him for a while now that we are settled but I definitely recommend Eric if you are house hunting!  Extremely fun and knowledgeable with no BS! My kinda guy!!  – Guillaume Besson

Eric McKenna says he really loves being a Realtor, he is NOT kidding!  What my husband and I found even more refreshing was he took the time to get to know us a bit and really understand what our circumstances were regarding our house hunting.  We never felt any pressure in any way from Eric.  He said that the whole thing was going to be on our timetable and he was absolutely true to his word. We also like the fact that he is such a family man. His love and care for his children is so strong and genuine.  It speaks a lot to his character and that meant a lot to us as well!   Would my husband and I use Eric again?  YES we would!  Would we recommend Eric to our family and friends and anyone in need of a Super Realtor?  YES we would!  And YOU should too!!  – Marcy Zolotow

I really wish I could give more than 5 stars!!! If anyone needs a realtor, please consider using Eric McKenna. His professionalism and responsiveness are top notch. He took the time to take many beautiful pictures of our house for the website and even held a Saturday Open House. I am very impressed with his sales and marketing ability and very happy we selected him as our realtor. Selling a house can be very stressful and Eric made the process very easy and quick for our family. What a great guy and great friend. Thank you Eric!   – Nicole Clarke

I probably cannot express the words that show how much I recommend Eric McKenna as a Realtor.  If you are buying or selling – do yourself a favor – Call Eric!  My house was listed, showed, and sold within 3 weeks! And our closing was so smooth.  Eric McKenna went out of his way to make everything as easy as he could for us.  He stopped by often, talked us through everything, and he personally made our selling experience a dream.   We are so thankful for his professionalism, experience, but most of all his friendship.  Eric made this easy. – Jani Lampus

If you want a real estate agent who will take care of every important detail in selling your home, then Eric McKenna is your person. Eric is knowledgeable, reliable, enthusiastic and very easy to deal with. He responds to all questions (text or e-mail) immediately and we never had any concerns with Eric representing us. Aside from being an outstanding agent, he’s also a great photographer, which is very important when getting all the pictures of your home posted for the listing. You will not regret hiring Eric as your agent.   – Philip Clarke 

Hands down made the entire process work seamless. Was friendly, knowledgeable, and went out of his way to make sure we had what we needed when we needed it. I would 100% recommend Eric to anyone who is in need of a realtor. It was the best choice we could have made and I would make it again if I need to sell or buy in the future. I thought 2 VA loans on the same day was going to be tough but Eric and Mikki Crown at Howard Hanna made it work. Thanks again to the whole Howard Hanna team!   – James Helsel

THANK YOU for everything you have done for us, Eric!!  I am so happy that on that fateful night when I was bombarded by messages from realtors, we picked you! I would recommend you to anyone as an amazing, friendly, honest realtor in a heartbeat!   – Heather Helsel


I would like to publicly state that Eric McKenna has conducted our business affairs together with honesty and integrity.  It gives me a good outlook on life when there are still people in business today that conduct their personal and business affairs with honesty and integrity.  Eric is a man of character and I am proud to have him as a business associate and more importantly, I’m proud to call him a friend.  – Thomas Michael Anderson

I hired Eric McKenna as my Realtor to assist me with a complex property sale.  Throughout the twists and turns of the transaction, Eric worked diligently on my behalf.  He always kept me informed every step of the way.  He proved to me that his first priority is his clients, not his commission.  His advice and assistance were invaluable as together we solved my real estate problem.   I would, and do, recommend Eric to everyone in need of a Realtor.  He’s exceptional!     – Cynthia Tuszynski

We have been clients of Eric’s on multiple occasions and for over a decade.  We have also gotten the opportunity to know the man personally. He has always gone above and beyond for us. Always.  Furthermore, Eric has always conducted our business and our friendship with class, dignity and honor. Not enough people like Eric McKenna in the world.    – Belinda & Frank Kompar

Eric’s just the best!  Literally.  He never gave up on our transaction when it looked like our business together may have gone South on more than one occasion!  He’s always so positive and it seems like he’s always smiling.  I’d recommend Eric to anyone!   – Dawn Ann Levy

Eric was fantastic to work with. He worked extremely hard for us and got our home sold so we could be in our dream home. I highly recommend him!  – Nancy Avoli

There are good agents out there. I’ve dealt with a few over the years.   But if you want a GREAT agent who is honest, hardworking and provides exceptional service – you want Eric McKenna! He makes the experience worry free and he won’t let you down!   – Mandy Ward

I’ve known Eric for many, many years and have conducted business with Eric for what seems like  – forever.  He is a man of quality. A man whose word is his bond. A man who I’m proud to know. When it was time to sell my home – there could be no one else but Eric McKenna as my Realtor.  His marketing, both traditional and through online social media, puts him in a class by himself.  Through my business, Lou Gold Tree Service, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many of Eric’s clients he has referred to me.  These clients rave to me about their experience of using Eric as their Realtor.  If you truly want – The Best Realtor in Southwestern PA – you only have ONE choice. Truly.  And that’s Eric McKenna.  And remember – Eric’s “Your Personal Realtor!”  – Louis Gold

I have known and conducted business with Eric McKenna for over a decade. I have always found Eric to be forthright, honest and totally dedicated to superior customer service.   – Sean McCarthy


Typically, I do not write or get involved in testimonials.  However when it comes to Mr. McKenna, I gladly make an exception.  My interaction with Eric goes back to 2004.  Since that time, we have worked together, on a professional basis, in many areas.  We have also worked together on projects involving some very demanding clients.  Clients whose fame and stature can intimidate even the most seasoned of business professionals.  I can honestly say working with Eric, in these types of challenging environments, was a pleasure.  He always remained cool under pressure and treated everyone involved with genuine kindness and concern.  Regardless of the stature, fame or nature of the client, Eric brought his skills to the table.  He was consistently – excellent.  Because of the quality of his work and the way he went about his work, the success of our joint projects have made a lasting impression on so many people.  And I’d be remiss not to mention the importance Eric always placed on charity and doing whatever he could to give back.  It was always very apparent to all involved that blending good business and charity is very important to him.  In a world where the word ‘character’ seems to mean less and less every day, Eric stands out among the fray.  He receives my strongest recommendation.   – Peter U. Wells

You won’t find a better person to work with than Eric McKenna. He’s as stand-up as they come and I highly recommend you make him your go-to guy for acquiring real estate. You’ll have a life-long friend and a superbly talented asset in the field!   – Chad Dyer

Eric was referred to me by my neighbor. Eric had sold her home, professionally and was exceptionally kind and attentive. My experience was just the same.  He effectively marketed my home with pro photos and a video presentation. And he paid for it all!  We were on the market for 22 days and the – Under Agreement.  He explained everything, walked us through our paperwork and made us feel it was so easy! When I know – he worked hard making sure we had a great experience!  I’d recommend Eric to EVERYONE!  – Tia Thule

From 2003 to 2009 I worked together with Eric McKenna almost daily.  I can honestly say his drive to see projects through to a successful outcome coupled with his positive and forward-thinking approach made our professional relationship nothing short of outstanding.  And he’s a pretty darn nice guy as well!  Always smiling!  Eric’s always the coolest cat in the room!   – Steve Bennett

Eric really took great care of me. He worked hard, did what he said he would do and just took care of business. He simplified what is typically a complex process and I really appreciate that.   -Thomas Teeling