Downspout to… ?

Bad Report Card

So while showing homes…. Did the child hide their bad report card under the living room area rug?

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So…this was in a basement of a recent property showing. ‪#‎scaryasshit‬ #‎basementsurprise‬ #wth


Let it Rain

Showing homes in the rain. You do know, rain = luck. 😉 ‪#‎ericmckenna‬‪#‎howardhanna‬ ‪#‎calleric‬


Interesting room

One of the great things about showing homes is I never know what I’ll uncover next. In the basement of a recent home I viewed with my client was this very small, windowless room. Yes, that is porch lattice used for the ceiling. And up in the corner hangs a chandelier. Finished off with a black ceramic tile. Does ANYONE have a guess what this room could be used for? I don’t have a clue.