Glass Floor Bathroom?

So, I’m always on the lookout for unusual and unique home design ideas.  Linda D. over at penned an article called ’33 Amazing Ideas That Will Make Your House Awesome!’

Well… As a Realtor, I’m not sure I could recommend all of these ideas to my home sellers.  Nor would I imagine most of these ideas are already ‘must haves’ in the minds of my home buyer clients.  But, I must say, some of these are quite fun and unique.

Again, I’m not sure all 33 are ‘Awesome’ ideas but I must say – they are all unique and give one ’cause for pause’.   Below are my favorites…

Glass Floor Bathroom.  Whoa! 



See Through Bathtub.  Well, on second thought..



Pirate Ship Bedroom for Adults.   Wait… What?



Hammock of the Stairs.   Yeah, that looks safe…




Skate-Park Room.


Beach Sand under your Work Desk.   Uh, no.


All kidding aside, this is a fun article.  You can read and see Linda D.’s entire entry here.

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