Great Morning

Wonderful morning! Friends, if you see this car in a driveway, you can be sure there is great Realtor service taking place and smiling faces all around. And you can take that to the bank.


Indiana, PA

Spending the morning in beautiful Indiana PA showing homes. Even with the rain, it’s the start of a wonderful day! Giddy up!

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Takin’ Care Of Business

How was your weekend, friends? What a weekend over here! 227 miles on the Jeep! 17 home viewings. Butler to Washington, Churchill – twice, and plenty of time in Moon Twp and then out to Beaver Falls and just about every other spot in Beaver County. Great times with existing clients, 2 new clients and 2 offers accepted! And I can’t wait to see this week brings. Giddyup!


Late night

Amazing night! 2 great appointments and 2 new clients! Oh yes, there was the driving. And the snow. And the stopping at an empty Walmart at midnight for milk, coffee and bread on the way home. Did I mention the snow?


Takin’ Care of Business.

Snowy Sunday. Bitter Cold. Great Clients. Successful Showings!  Bring on some more! 20150215_171815