Down Time

Tonight, I finally had a little time to relax and enjoy one of my favorite activities – playing guitar.  At home – relaxed in my office and time to clear the head just a bit.


Down Time

Yes, I DO have ‘down time’ and sometimes its spent with one of my past creations. Kinda like reacquainting with an old friend. 1 hour of playing guitar is calming, very enjoyable and triggers a much needed ‘reset’ for my mind. Music is such a gift. And to play music is the ultimate re-gift.  Cheers, my friends.



Every Moment.

The front porch. Coffee. A break between client appointments and the twists and turns of the past 10 days. A bit of time to reflect on the dynamic of friendships, the unique bonds of family and the ultimate fragility of life. I seldom do this. I conduct my life with my mind focused on what’s next. And thus, I miss so much. I’ve MISSED so much. I often miss the joy of the present. And only when I’m confronted with life’s fragility do I take a moment to stop and become aware of the present. To take inventory of my blessings and find the compassion others need from me. Real compassion, not just passing gestures. And to allot enough time for this compassion. I need to become better. Better at being aware of the moment. Better at soaking in the joy of the present. Better at truly enjoying the gifts of relationships.


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