It’s a mixed up, crazy, fun and loving world, my friends. Sometimes it helps to slow down one’s pace and reflect. If only for a few minutes. Sometimes… you just need your front porch.14681966_10207205428798596_7249812695780034615_o







Few things as wonderful as Clients who become great Friends. My life continues to be enriched by these wonderful people.


Like most of us, I work hard. For my family, for my clients, for my broker and for my own personal goals. I love being a Realtor and I hope it shows. Today my Broker, Howard Hanna, informed me that my 2016 production so far has earned me a company trip to Vegas. Its nice to be recognized. And its nice to be ‘qualify’ for company trips. However, what truly matters to me is my diligent work and dedication to my clients. Service, honesty and client loyalty will always be my motivation. Thank you, Michael Cowden for your leadership. And thanks to all who support and my work as YOUR Realtor. I Love You all.