Client’s Thoughts

Choosing a Realtor? Find a Full-time agent who LOVES what they do! Also, client testimonials mean – a lot! And they SAY a lot about the Realtor. With me, my client’s goals are the ONLY goals on the table. And I make sure my clients know this. From our fist meeting together all the way through their closing…and beyond!

For example, today I’m humbled once again as my client Guillaume Besson leaves me this review… “My wife and I, we met Eric kind of randomly while visiting our first ever house. He was the realtor for the seller. We didn’t like the house but we did like him! It immediately clicks between him and us and he offered to help us find a home. This was our first house so we had a lot of questions and, through the whole process he was there, diligent, kind and informative. He even “found” a guy to repair some electric fuses that the seller refused to correct for us. The day we closed on the house, we had a plumbing issue that could have postponed the deal and he found someone qualified in 30 min and saved the day!
Always smiling, ready to help and genuinely interested in finding your home, Eric is the kind of guy you wish existed in every service profession. Unfortunately, we won’t need him for a while now that we are settled but I definitely recommend that guy if you are house hunting! Extremely fun and knowledgeable with no BS! My kinda guy!!”

I’m ready to work with you and earn your kind words as well. Call or text me at 412.613.4466 or visit me at


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Eric McKenna

Accomplished Realtor with Cowden Creek Realty. Creator and Host of The Eric McKenna Project. EMP is Pittsburgh's Talk Show.

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