Choosing A Neighborhood.

Deciding to move is a tremendously difficult decision.  Deciding WHERE to move to is the very next difficult decision.

Thus, one of the very first topics of discussion I have with my new home buying clients is simply – where do you want to live?  And why?   Sometimes, my new clients can be undecided, which is natural.  Here is a quick list of important topics I suggest they consider in their neighborhood selection process…



 The most important consideration when choosing a new neighborhood is you and your family’s safety.  First, you will want to know about the crime rate in the area. Though there is no way to completely reduce the chance of being the victim of a crime, you can at least minimize this risk by choosing to live in a location with a low crime rate.  Secondly, you should also find out if there are any registered sex offenders in your desired area.  Knowing these facts and statistics at the beginning of of the decision process can help you be more confident and feel safe when you move to an unfamiliar neighborhood.  All of this information is readily available online.


If you have school-aged children, you should look at the quality of the school system of any neighborhood you are considering.  That’s a given.  However, even if you do not have children or your children are now adults and long past their high school years, understanding the quality of the public school system for your potential new neighborhood is a must as the quality of the schools is a direct factor in determining property value.

Location and distance. 

It’s wise to consider how far away your potential neighborhood will be from your workplace. Since the neighborhood immediately surrounding your workplace might not be the best of neighborhoods, you might want to exchange a longer commute for a better neighborhood to reside in.   And while you may have a longer commute if you were to live in a certain area, that neighborhood may be closer to your friends or family.  It really is about keeping in mind the your quality of life you would like to pursue.


It’s important to know the locations of such things as doctors’ offices, hospitals, banks, supermarkets and schools. Once you have located these important amenities in your potential new neighborhood, you can think about any more specific facility needs you may have.

Public Transportation

If you depend on public transportation to get around, the availability of these services are another important factor in choosing your new neighborhood. Find out if there are train stops or bus stops in your potential neighborhoods and if these services have schedules that will mesh effectively with your daily needs.

Property Values

Each neighborhood will have its own unique set of property values; the nicer the neighborhood, the higher the property value. For example, you’ll want to know what the current value is as well as any future developments planned for that neighborhood which could affect your property value in the long run.  While it’s impossible to predict future value, get comfortable with the direction your neighborhood is going in regards to expansion and development.

Cost of Living

You should also be aware of the cost of living of your desired neighborhoods.  Compare the cost of living in your current location to that of any potential new neighborhood.

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