Horizontal Shower.

A Horizontal Shower.  Wait. What?

Exactly what the response is from many people when the phrase ‘Horizontal Shower’ is spoken.  Me included.  Just what is a Horizontal Shower? HS-Gallery-01-10

It’s billed by the manufacturer, Dornbracht, as a ‘reclining shower experience.’  So.. there you go!

Dornbracht is an upscale bathroom fixture company.  And of course this product is being marketed to owners of ‘luxury’ homes.  All that being said – exactly how is one to ‘clean’ themselves in this horizontal shower?  Is it even possible? Maybe getting clean is not the point.  It looks like this is more of a home ‘spa’ experience.  Thus, a regular vertical shower would still be required.

So, even as a ‘spa’ experience, personally, I’m not sure laying horizontal with 6 shower heads spilling water on one’s back is really that…special.   Now, as a Realtor, I can’t say I’ve seen one of these special showers in the homes I have taken my buyers to nor do I have a listing outfitted with such a bathroom fixture.  But – I’m curious to see one of these fixture up close.

How do you feel about the potential of a ‘Horizontal Shower’ and would you want one in your home?





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