Quick Curb Appeal.

There are quite a few quick, small and inexpensive home improvements that you can do to your house to add instant curb appeal.  Adding curb appeal not only helps your house sell faster and easier but it also gives your house a great, finished look in which you can be proud of.  When deciding on how to add instant curb appeal to your house, make sure your consider what your house currently looks like and what will look best with it.  Also consider your budget and time constraints.

Here are a few quick fixes that all can be done with little money yet they can really add that much desired ‘curb appeal.’

Paint your trim, shutters and front door. 

For the cost of a few gallons of exterior paint, you can definitely add some brightness to your house while adding curb appeal…all by simply painting.   Consider picking a bright and bold color that makes your house stand out, but just make sure that you match it to the rest of the colors on your house.  This project may take a day or so of work but can make such a positive difference.



Plant a tree or add some shrubbery. 

Planting shrubbery or planting a tree or two is one of the most common ways to add curb appeal to your house. It is a simple home improvement move that can really liven up your house. If you have enough space, try planting two trees to frame your house or your entryway into your house.  Try sculpting your walkway or porch areas with tasteful shrubbery which compliments your homes build. Planting typically does not take very long and is a short but effective home improvement project.



Upgrade the mailbox. 

Often overlooked – your mailbox is part of your home’s presentation.  It doesn’t matter if you have a regular mailbox by the road or if you have a box mounted to your house for mail, adding a new, sharp looking mailbox can make your home feel upgraded, which certainly adds curb appeal.  When you install your mailbox, be sure that you follow the regulations in the city that you live in.

sesdailbox (1)


Install Flowers. 

Try adding some flower boxes to your house to enhance curb appeal.  Install the flower boxes in the windows of your house or on the front porch railings. Remember with this home improvement project you will also have to pay for the flowers and soil for inside the flower boxes and you will also have to maintain the up-keep of the flowers to actually add curb appeal. If you rather not add flower boxes to your house, then consider buying some container gardens in pots and placing them on your front steps or porch.  Or go full tilt and plant flowers as part of your yards landscaping.


Replace Exterior Light Fixtures

Consider both the style of any new light fixtures and their ultimate function when choosing this upgrade for your home.  You want your light fixtures to be able to adequately light up your entryway to your house and make it safer as well as add to your home’s presentation.  Also, look for light fixtures that have the same mounting system as the current ones that you have to save yourself some time on this home improvement project.

A new home with attractive outdoor lighting.


Install New House Numbers

Purchase some new address home numbers to spruce up the curb appeal of your house if your home’s address numbers are faded, scratched or just generally unattractive.   Look for modern house numbers that are made from stone, stainless steel, brass or aluminum. Try to match your new house numbers with the finish that is on your exterior light fixtures to add the best curb appeal.



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