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I find that it’s helpful when I  meet with a client who is considering listing their home for sale, I ask the client to join me across the street. From there, I ask them to look at their home and then I bring them up the walkway and to the front door.  Since this is exactly what the potential buyers will do, I feel it’s important for homeowners to get a first hand view of what their home’s ‘first impression’ actually is.   While there, I suggest the importance of having an entrance way and front door that is clean, fresh and inviting.

Curb appeal.  We all have heard the phrase, right?  Well, curb appeal extends beyond the process of marketing and selling a home.  ‘Curb Appeal’ also refers to the first impression your home makes on family, friends and visitors while you are living there.


While ‘curb appeal’ applies to many factors, your front door and entrance may be the most important.

Since every home is different and every budget is different, there is no ‘cookie cutter’ process or solution to fixing, changing or upgrading a front door and entrance.   Many factors must be considered.  As far as materials go, the most common front door and entrance materials are steel, fiberglass, wood and aluminum.   Once you determine the material that fits your budget and safety concerns, choosing the right door and entrance can be daunting.  But also potentially the most fun!  There are many makes, models, colors and styles and the options do seem endless.

While I have found many souces online for information on front doors, I’ve found this very good and straight-ahead article on to be the best.  You can read this article here.

Personally, I love front doors.  I can’t think of a more beautiful exterior statement one can make about their home than an amazing front door and entry.   And truly, when it comes to designs, colors and options, the sky’s the limit.  And while not every door will be a good fit for every home, I’m of the belief that a touch of ‘unique’ is always a good thing.

Below are some front doors and entrances that I find really unique:

s-DOR-large640 sweet-images-of-front-doors-with-yellow-entry-doors-color-and-white-jamb-also-six-glass-transom-combined-rectangular-panels-featuring-black-tensile-door-knob-and-black-doors-bell-ideas-images-of-front green-front-door -IdDesign ds-Front-Door-Colors 2 Ross-Composite-Door-in-Bog-Oak-Cream-BespokeTimber-Door-Frame esedessses rch-And-Home-Extration-Using- deciring-frle-front-door-front-door-glass-exterior-residential-doors-front-entrance-doors-custom-wood-doors-steel-exterior-doors-wood-garage-door-exterior-do 595623 sumptuous-conteasdfsdfasdfmporary-entry-door-decoration-showcasing-deep-grey-wooden-door-with-frosted-glasses-side-window-also-dazzling-bottom-rail-to-amazing-front-doors-inspiration-amazing-front-doors-exterior-728x1007 front_door_design 6a00e54f02c364883401348684075d970c-500wi Exterior-Executive-Double-Solid-Fiberglass-Parliament-Front-Door-with-multi-Point-Locks-Installed-in-King-City-Ontario-by-Exterior-Doors-Toronto striking-front-door-decorating-ideas traditional-front-doors modern-stone-wall-entry-wood-exterior-doors front-doors Modern front door with glass panes Modern front door Newly Constructed Doorway 465322437 Depositphotos_2316497_s Front door in the old house 464934567 450165033 179298468 179268281 465208131 200171288-001


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