Beautiful Fireplaces

Since I was young, I’ve always loved fireplaces.  When I would visit my grandparents, they had this wonderful home with very rich wood decor and an atmosphere of cozy warmth.  In the Fall and Winter months, my grandfather would light a fire in the large fireplace in the living room and my family would gather there to talk and enjoy each others company. I can remember enjoying the warmth of the fireplace and the calming nature of the flames.  I was always amazed how that fireplace could make an already cozy spot even that much better.  B41XT-B-610x340

Today, as I’m showing homes, there is no question that many of my buying clients are looking for fireplaces in their next home.   And while occasionally a buyer will seek a wood burning fireplace, most are seeking the convenience and style of gas fireplaces.

One of the great things about gas fireplaces is that if a home does not  have one, it can be added without a lot of difficulty.

The good folks at Heat & Glow published this article outlining 10 really great reasons to add a gas fireplace to your home.

These reasons include improving the value of the home, providing additional heating and warmth to a room or even a whole floor, the fuel efficiency of the new gas fireplaces, the beauty of modern fireplace design including the ‘art’ of flame articulation and much more.

You can read the entire article at the Heat & Glow website here

If you are considering adding a gas fireplace to your home and need a referral to a professional installer or you just have questions on how a gas fireplace may improve the value of your home, please feel free contact me.  As always, I’m here to help!  Call or text me at 412-613-4466.  I can also be reached by email at

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