About That Kitchen

Depending who you ask, the kitchen is the most important room in the house.  Especially when selling your home.

Opinions.  We all have them.  Yet when it comes to selling your home, many real estate professionals consider your kitchen as the most important room in the house.  Knock the buyer out with a fantastic kitchen and it often means the difference in your home being purchased – or another. kitchen2

In this day and age, the options for kitchen layout, color schemes and themes are quite vast.  And while ‘trends’ come and go, there remains so many viable design directions to consider.  I found this great article by Jaymi Naciri of Realty Times who takes a moment to offer bold suggestions to get your kitchen possibly headed in a whole new direction. Her overall message in this article is to avoid the bland and make your kitchen a standout – if not even a bit festive.

Her ideas include vibrant shades of cabinets as opposed to traditional white, greys and muted tones.

Another idea is to go black.  Described as ‘soothing’ and even ‘sleek and bold’, the use of black can be very modern and striking if designed correctly.

The article also suggests that wallpaper is making a comeback for kitchens with the desire for many to make their kitchen walls more colorful or to add a striking, contrast pattern.

The industrial and rustic trends in home decor continue to be sought after by homeowners and now these trends are making their way into kitchens.

It’s also suggested that something as simple as a lively backsplash can make an impressive change to a kitchen decor.  Patterned backsplashes with texture draw the eye in and create visual interest.  Sometimes just enough to add that needed touch to an already great kitchen.

You can read Jaymi’s complete article here.

If you are thinking of selling your home or have questions as to what kind of kitchen remodeling you could do to better prepare your home for market, please feel free to call or text me at 412-613-4466. You may also email me at sold@ericmckenna.com

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